Animals Have Friends

The UK will go to the polls for the third General Election in less than five years on Thursday 12 December. This is a great opportunity to make our voices heard as we vote for animals.

More than 70 MPs are standing down at this election, which means there will be a larger than usual number of new MPs elected. We must make sure they arrive in Westminster knowing that their constituents care about animals just as much as the other election issues.

It is vital that alongside discussions around Brexit, the NHS and education, key issues affecting animals are right at the top of the agenda. All political parties will be trying to win your vote in one of the most unpredictable elections in living memory. This means we have a great chance to tell our candidates what we think they should be focussing on in the next session of parliament.

Candidates will be receiving emails on a range of issues throughout the campaign, letting them know the issues that you care about. We’ve created a database of all candidates from the major parties standing in your constituency. You can use the email tool to contact them and ask them to support our election asks (read more detail about them here).

Any progress on political issues doesn’t just come from gaining the support of MPs in parliament, but when people take action to create pressure for change. That is how we have secured some of our key achievements in the past and it is how we will continue to make progress for animals in the future.

Whatever the outcome of the General Election, Animal Aid will continue to stand up for animals in parliament. With your help, we can make sure that animals have friends working inside the corridors of power, as well as on the outside.

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Animals Have Friends