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Party Policies on Animals

The information below relates to the 2019 General Election. This site will be updated shortly for the 2024 General Election.


Had 298 MPs

Party Policies

Animal welfare policies in the Conservative manifesto are outlined below. You can read the full manifesto online.

On Animal Aid’s four election asks:

None of these appear in the manifesto.

Other key animal policies include:

  • Tougher sentences for animal cruelty
  • Crack down on the illegal smuggling of dogs and puppies.
  • New laws on animal sentience.
  • End excessively long journeys for slaughter and fattening
  • Bring the ivory ban into force and extend it to cover other ivory-bearing species
  • Ban imports from trophy hunting of endangered animals.
  • Ban keeping primates as pets.
  • Bring forward cat micro chipping.

What Next?

Animals Have Friends